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Rokion Vehicle Safety Systems

Heavy duty battery-powered mine transport and utility trucks, vehicle safety systems, ramp control systems, modular platform architecture

Rokion Vehicle Safety Systems


Rokion battery powered mining trucks are engineered with safety, efficiency, and ease of use in mind. Continuous engineering improvements mean that Rokion trucks can conform to the most sophisticated safety and performance requirements in mine sites around the globe.

    vehicle safety systems
    vehicle safety systems


    Rokion battery electric mining vehicles incorporate multiple safety systems to ensure both the operator and passengers are kept safe in extreme mining environments. Each truck is designed to withstand the severity of rough terrain, high temperatures, abrasive conditions, and corrosive operating environments. During maintenance, electrical systems can be isolated and locked out from each truck’s main power disconnect (high-voltage system) and control systems disconnect (low-voltage).

    All Rokion trucks are equipped with multi-tiered control systems for safe operation during ramp descent and contain sophisticated controls for the battery, drive, and charging systems. Standard safety systems include:

    • Traction Control
    • Speed Limiters
    • Safety Interlocks for the Charge and Drive Systems
    • Seat Belts
    • Fail-Safe Parking Brakes
    • Safety Lighting (Strobes, Beacons, and Programmable LEDs)
    • Backup Cameras
    • and more…



    Speed Zone Control System

    Different operational areas within the mine often require different maximum travel speed limits. The optional Speed Zone Control system automatically reduces a Rokion truck’s maximum travel speed upon entering certain areas of the mine. A mine site can define these low-speed areas based on hazardous ground conditions, high traffic volume, common personnel areas, or any other safety considerations they may have.

    Driver Profile System

    The optional Driver Profile system appoints different travel speed limits for different operators. A mine site can define speed limits based on ground conditions throughout the mine or based on operator responsibilities. For example, a site may designate an emergency response personnel profile which grants these operators a greater travel speed than a standard operator. During training, teaching staff can ensure that new drivers stay under a pre-determined travel speed to conform to any of the mine site’s safety policies.

    Ramp Control Systems

    Rokion’s Regenerative Braking, Integrated Brake Resistor, and Adaptive Speed Control systems work in conjunction with a ramp truck’s standard service brakes and fail-safe brakes to ensure safe operation during ramp descent.

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