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Heavy duty battery-powered mine transport and utility trucks, vehicle safety systems, ramp control systems, modular platform architecture

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Rokion R100 series was engineered for the demands of underground mining and is our most agile platform design. This rugged light-duty mining vehicle was designed to provide quick access and high maneuverability in both confined spaces and high traffic areas. The Rokion R100 series includes a four-passenger crew truck and a two-passenger utility truck. Both models are built on the same frame dimensions and are available in ramp-ready configurations.

Rokion R100 Series

Rokion R100 Series

Rokion electric mining vehicles are engineered to handle the harshest mining conditions and the steepest ramps, travelling safely and efficiently through all corners of the mine, while producing zero emissions underground.

Rokion electric mining vehicles are not conversion vehicles; all Rokion electric mining vehicles are built from the ground up. Design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing are performed at our core facility in the heart of the Canadian prairies.

    GVWR2,041 kg2,041 kg1,814 kg1,814 kg
    Max Payload500 kg635 kg500 kg635 kg
    Drawbar Force1,175 kg1,175 kg1,175 kg1,175 kg
    Battery Voltage80 VDC80 VDC80 VDC80 VDC
    Battery Capacity22 kWh22 kWh22 kWh22 kWh
    Peak Power50 kW50 kW50 kW50 kW
    Max Range120 km120 km120 km120 km
    Ramp Range60 km60 km60 km60 km
    Max Speed35 km/h35 km/h45 km/h45 km/h
    Wheelbase287 cm287 cm287 cm287 cm
    Length368 cm368 cm368 cm368 cm
    Width152 cm152 cm152 cm152 cm
    Height179 cm179 cm179 cm179 cm
    Ground Clearance25 cm25 cm25 cm25 cm
    Deck Length76 cm155 cm76 cm155 cm
    Tires74 cm LT235/75R1574 cm LT235/75R1574 cm LT235/75R1574 cm LT235/75R15

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