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Rokion Ramp Control Systems

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Ramp Control Systems


Rokion battery powered mining trucks are engineered with safety, efficiency, and ease of use in mind. Continuous engineering improvements alongside with its sophisticated ramp control systems mean that Rokion trucks can conform to the most sophisticated safety and performance requirements in mine sites around the globe.

    ramp control systems
    ramp control systems


    Rokion’s ramp control system consists of a regenerative braking system, Integrated Brake Resistor and Adaptive Speed Control software work together along with the vehicle’s standard service and fail-safe brakes to ensure safe operation during ramp descent.

    Regenerative Braking

    Rokion’s regenerative braking system uses the electric motor from each Drive Module as both a motor brake and as an energy generator. Regenerative braking allows the electric motors to slow the vehicle down while simultaneously adding charge to its Battery Modules and preserving its mechanical brakes.

    Regenerative braking is manually activated by releasing the accelerator pedal while in forward motion and is automatically activated as it reaches it’s pre-programmed speed limit while on ramp descent. This ensures the vehicle maintains a steady and predictable rate of travel as it safely descends ramps of up to 20% grade, while safeguarding brake and drive components from excessive wear.

    Integrated Brake Resistor

    On ramp descent, regenerative braking system generates energy that is stored in the vehicle’s Battery Modules. To ensure there is sufficient storage space for this incoming regenerative energy, the Integrated Brake Resistor draws energy from the Battery Modules as they approach 92% capacity. The ramp control system manages this energy, ensuring it is converted to heat which is then redirected to the truck’s cooling or ventilation systems.

    Adaptive Speed Control

    The purpose of Adaptive Speed Control is to regulate vehicle speed, acting as a fail-safe control for the regenerative braking system.

    By adjusting vehicle speed, the Integrated Brake Resistor is never overwhelmed as it diverts energy from the vehicle’s battery modules in advance of incoming regenerative energy. This control process maintains a state of balance between the outgoing energy consumed by the Integrated Brake Resistor, and the incoming energy produced by the regenerative braking system.

    Adaptive Speed Control protects the Battery Modules by slowing the vehicle down when the batteries are unable to store incoming regenerative power at a high rate. By preserving the Drive Modules from the mechanical stress associated with ramp travel, Adaptive Speed Control facilitates safe and reliable ramp descent.


    Intelligent Power Delivery

    Utilising its ramp control systems, Rokion’s objective was to engineer a truck that could perform far beyond the grade, distance, and depth found in typical ramp access mine. On ramp ascent, Rokion trucks can navigate a 20% grade at full GVWR, driving at its maximum programmed speed over a distance of 13 km*, for a total vertical rise of 2500 m. With enough power to climb a 100% grade (45 degree) ramp, Rokion utility and crew trucks are equipped to safely and efficiently handle the steepest ramps.

    *Approximated — this distance would be sufficient for all but the longest ramps in the world.

    Drawbar Force

    Rokion battery powered trucks use electric motors and gearboxes designed for lower speeds and higher torque, attributes which are ideal for mine application and ramp use. Conventional all-wheel drive trucks, including those designed for pulling, compromise on torque and drawbar force to preserve speed and acceleration for legal road use.

    Rokion trucks not only have a higher drawbar force, but their power control systems provide intelligent power delivery and traction control for unmatched ramp navigation via its sophisticated ramp control systems.

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